Launching a global ecommerce platform for OKdo

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OKdo needed a holistic technology solution to launch a new business line—fast. So Box UK and WordPress VIP teamed up to create a flexible and scalable global ecommerce platform from scratch. As a result, OKdo became a revenue-generating business unit in less than one year. 


Key results:

  • Launched a new product line in 8 months

  • Multisite installation powering sites in 6 languages

  • Modular architecture with third-party integrations

  • Enterprise ecommerce using WooCommerce

  • Compliance with global trade and tax regulations

Presented by:

WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is the leading provider of enterprise WordPress. We make it simple to create and deliver modern customer experiences at scale. Why is simplicity so important? The simpler your tools are, the more likely your team is to actually use them. And because WordPress VIP’s solutions are completely customizable, you’ll get everything you need without paying for anything you don’t. 

Box UK

With an enterprise pedigree and a passion for technology, Box UK offers an unrivaled depth and breadth of experience in the development of scalable and resilient software systems – managing these full-lifecycle projects right the way through from planning to post-launch platform management. 

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