Streamlining operations with Grupo Abril

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Grupo Abril, one of the largest media companies in Latin America, sought to streamline the IT sprawl that had arisen from the organic growth and development of its dozens of brands. 

Consolidating multiple platforms onto WordPress VIP unleashed greater agility and efficiency for Abril’s marketing and technology teams. This migration has freed the organization to focus its resources where they can have the most valuable impact—editorial and front-end work. 

Key results:

  • Empowered editorial team to get more done independently
  • Reduced reliance on IT staff 
  • Sped up hiring and training thanks to the enterprise WordPress ecosystem 
  • Simplified and streamlined ad inventory 
  • Freed up gridlock in maintenance and security updates 
  • Increased launch agility and the ability to service smaller brands 
  • Shifted staffing patterns to bring on more high-value front-end resources 
  • Significantly reduced CapEx and OpEx 

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